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     TAURUS SERVICE offers semen from the best line-up of proven sires ever. All Code 76 Taurus Sires are selected from the best breeding families from each dairy breed. Taurus has always kept a cow sense approach to breeding and selected for the proper balance of production and type to obtain the most profitable genetics. Use “Taurus Total Value” as a selection or screening tool. This formula includes production by incorporating MFP $ Values, so protein and fat percentages are factored in along with Net Merit and TPI plus PTA type and productive life. The highest “Taurus Total Value” sires should prove to sire the most profitable cows in your herd. The semen prices from Taurus are the lowest on average in the industry and the top proven sires are on average already priced about 25% less then comparable bulls from other A.I.’s. Taurus offers a progeny test program (T.A.P.) for free sample sire semen. Our PT semen is one-half price for DHI herds and we offer volume discounts and can put together a special deal for you.


76HO0158 WINNER is one of the leading sires for high production (+2167 M) and high component +.01% +82 Fat and +69 Protein. Now at 82% Rel., Winner is +224 Net Merit $ and +2.7 productive life with a low somatic cell score. Note Winner is +1.85 PTAT with one of the best F&L Composite (+2.54) scores in the breed. His linear shows +3.51 steep foot angle one of the highest available. With +1531 TPI making Winner one of the top bulls and a special semen price, you are the winner by using Winner.

76HO0149 VINCE continues to add daughters and has sired lots of fancy calves across the country. Vince is one of the leading type sires available at +2.77 with 14 traits over +2.00. He is a breed leader for udder composite at +2.54. If you want big open framed dairy cows with fancy udders that really work (+1881 M) you should be using Vince. Vince daughters are noted for low somatic cell score (2.97) and longevity (+1.90) P.L. The oldest are now milking in their third lactation and have developed into some of the best cows in their herds.

76HO0311 MEGA now has nearly 100 daughters in his proof and at 80% Rel is a leader at +1911 M +02% +74 F +.02% and +65. Mega is +203 Net Merit $, better than average for somatic cell score +2.4 productive life and only 8 for calving ease. Check out the outstanding linear profile showing that Mega sires really good feet & legs and good udders with a final score of +2.21. This 156 aAa Astrostar son with +2287 Taurus Total Value is a Mega bull!

Winner Hurtgen-Vue #2869
76HO0107 SUNBUCK EX-97 is one of the world’s best breeding bulls. Check the proof at 99% Rel. that still shows above average production, long productive life at +2.4 and great type, +2.36 final score with a real good linear profile. Sunbuck and his Astre brother are two Taurus Sires to use. 
76HO0312 SAL-VATION EX-94 Astre x H.H. Sallie (EX-94) is plus almost 2000 lbs. DYD and +1418 PTAM with 59d/39h. Salvation is +2.68 type (+3.83 final score). Salvation daughters average 25078 lbs. M which is the 2nd highest of all Taurus Sires, the other is 76HO0177 JUSTIN another Astre Son whose daughters average 25819 M. Sal-Vation sires tall cows with very nice front ends and exceptionally clean flat bone legs with a good foot and real good udders that are high and wide with great support. Sal-Vation (EX-94) and his brother Sunbuck (EX-97) are the highest classified brothers ever available together.

J-Long-Vue Shandy Dandy Doll
76HO0314 MOSES is a newly proven calving ease sire (7) offering an outcross pedigree (Elton X Sexation). High production, daughters average 24659 M and high components +.10% F and +.07% P. Note Moses is (+2.16) final score, +1.51 type Has a top udder composite (+1.95) with real good legs & feet. Moses is just one of the new Taurus proven sires to consider.

76HO0304 LOREDO (Belltone X Leadman) from the good breeding Rothrock Family is +1948 M., +190 NM$ and one of the breeds best F&L bulls at +1.75 and +2.06 F&L Score. Loredo is a calving ease bull at only 8. Here is a bull that fits many breeding programs available at a bargain price.
Taurus Service has an extensive progeny test program that includes Red Holstein and Red Carrier bulls.
76HO0156 SHANDY*RC keeps looking better as he is one of the breeds highest TPI bulls at +1435. Shandy is now +1732 M +.00% +63 F +.02% +59 P. He is one of the best for somatic cell score at 2.93 and long productive life at +2.3. Shandy is a 516 aAa code sire with high type +1.98 PTAT and +2.39 F & L. No other red carrier sire can match Shandy. He warrants heavy use in all herds as he is priced right too.
76HO0270 POLLED PLUS*RC is the worlds very best polled red carrier bulls ever proved. Check his daughter average of 24280 M and PTA’s +1150 M +.05% +54 F +.05% +47 P @ 79% R. Polled Plus is one of the best for calving ease at only 7. Check the type profile on this good breeding bull that does everything about right. Also consider 76HO0358 FORTIFY-RED a Polled Plus son and the other polled bulls at Taurus.

76HO0189 MAGIC-RED is still one of the highest production Red Holstein bulls ever, @ +2680 M, this 435 aAa sire is also plus type and +182 NM$.

76HO0179 LYON-RED is one of the best breeding R&W sires available. He has a balanced proof at +1476 M and +1.62 Type and is a calving ease sire from the great Scarlet Family. Look at the daughter pictures, you will want to use Lyon-Red.
HANOVER HILL SIRES, consider the outstanding Hanover Hill breed bulls at Taurus.
being the highest proven Hanover Hill bull available now +1562 M @ 99% Rel. and +2.19 final score with a fabulous type profile and +2.4 PL.
76HO0090 PRECISONST +.35% F and +.11% P making him one of the highest test sires available and 76HO0135 LEADER a Raider son combining the Roxys and Lulu’s has one of the best mace proofs there is. Also consider the three new Roxy Family sires for PT.
76HO0372 RIC (Lindy X Rhonda) a grandson of Star Roxy, 76HO0373 ROCKY*RC (H.H. Mirage X Rochelle) who is a Milestone Red daughter of Rhonda and 76HO0374 RO (Skychief X Rhonda) one of the few Donnandale Skychief sons available. Featured Hanover Hill LuLu bulls are 76HO0186 GRANDVIEW (Grand X Lindy LuLu) is +2.52 type and +2.49 UDC with plus production high components (+.14% F & +.10% P) and 76HO0187 DYNAMITE (Chesapeake X Star LuLu) aAa 645213 is +1379 M +1.83 Type and +2.71 udder composite. For sure you can get the best of Hanoverhill from Taurus.


TAURUS is the leading Ayrshire Stud with 76AY0710 TRIDENT now classified EX-94 with a 96% Rel proof of +1125 M +.05% +53 Fat, +.05% +46 Pro and +1.5 Type. 76AY0721 LOT a Trident son is now +1511 Milk +60 Fat +57 Pro and +1.2 type making him one of the highest proven bulls ever at +328 PTI. 76AY0720 MAJOR LEAGUE is now +1290 Milk and +.6 Type. Be sure to check out the entire Taurus Ayrshire line-up and consider using a new Ayrshire P.T. sire to help insure your future.

STILL THE BEST BROWN SWISS brothers, 76BS9016 EMORY at 99% Rel with +611 M +.13% F. and +.06 P. and +0.8 Type and 76BS0900 EVEN the Simon Brother to Emory is up to +1423 M +57 F and +61 P. making him one of the leading protein sires and he is plus a point on type too, with a great profile.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes
122JE04244 NETWORK CODE 122 JERSEY sires are the bulls to consider as NW has the best Jersey program in A.I. Be sure to review our proof/price list for complete information and check out the new Taurus Sires to progeny test. 

TAURUS ALSO OFFERS A NUMER of Lineback, Milking Shorthorn, Dutch Belted and the great breeding Guernsey bull 76GU0800 DIVIDEND who is +922 M and +2.1 Type.

Check our Website at www.taurus-service.com. Our e-mail address is taurus@epix net. Order toll free in the US 1-800-836-5123 (free shipping on qualified orders). You can also contact your local Taurus Rep, Dealer or Technician. 

Donsdell Even Nebo