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     TAURUS SERVICE Offers a great line-up of the best genetics in each dairy breed. Taurus code 76 sires are all A.I. proven with a spread of daughters in many herds. Taurus selects sires to progeny test from true breeding cow families and from contemporary matings. Note that Taurus Sires are leaders for productive life and low somatic cell score. You will get the most for your money by purchasing high conception semen from the “Profitable Genetics” available from Taurus.


76HO0158 WINNER is in a class all his own, when you consider he is the 4th generation Excellent, from 6 generations of 3.6% Protein dams. Winner is one of the highest feet and leg composite (+2.13) sires and is one of the top TPI sires at +1542 and +2375 Taurus Total Value. Note his production increased again to +1445 M with +.05% F and +.00% P for a leading NM$ of +484. His productive life is +2.2 with a low somatic cell score of only 2.93. Winner will make you a Winner!

76HO0149 VINCE is one of the best for “Taurus Total Value” at +1995 with a TPI of +1369 and +291 NM$. Vince is starting to add 2nd crop daughters. His production went up to +1294 M. Vince is a type leader at +2.35 and +2.16 udder composite. Few sires can offer the complete package that Vince does. Make him one of your primary service sires.

76HO0312 SAL-VATION is one of the best breeding sires available. This EX-95 “Astre” brother to 76H0107 Sunbuck EX-97 from Hanover-Hill TT Sallie H EX-96 offers extreme type (+2.22), long productive life +1.11 and lots of Milk +998 M. Check his profile and see what you can get using this highly reliable (91%) newer bull.

76HO0314 MOSES is a calving ease (7) outcross sire (Elton X Sexation) with 124d/82h, 90% Rel that offers real high test +.06% M and +.05% P and plenty of milk at +885 M. Note his +338 NM$ and 1351 TPI. Start using this unique sire today.

Winner Hurtgen-Vue #2869
76HO0306 FRISCO is another new calving ease (7) Taurus Sire with high components +.08% F and +.05% P with +720 M and a leader for F & L (+2.52). This +1381 TPI sire from the fabulous “Faith” Family is the kind to use.

76HO0311 MEGA now has 125 daughters in 70 herds with a balanced proof of +974 M +.07%, +52 F +.03%, +36 P @ 89% Rel. This 156 aAa “Aerostar” son is an average calving ease (9) bull with a good type pattern (see profile) and is +1322 TPI and +327 NM$. Dairymen milking Mega’s like them and suggest additional use.

76HO0304 LOREDO is a leading milk bull @ +1596 M and calving ease (8). Note his long productive life +2.0 and +1340 TPI for +1985 “Taurus Total Value”. Loredo is a Belltone son from Rothrock Leadman Leopard (the great Lou Ella family). Loredo is one of the highest NM$ (+435) bulls in the breed.

J-Long-Vue Shandy Dandy Doll
76HO0321 WINDSTAR EX-90 is the 5th generation excellent sired by “Mandel” from the EX “Benchmark” sister to 76HO0158 Winner. Check the early information on Windstar as he is sure to be a good breeding Taurus Sire with plenty of milk, high components and fancy udders. Purchase Windstar semen at ½ Price when you purchase Winner semen.
Taurus Service has an extensive progeny test program that includes Red Holstein and Red Carrier bulls.
76HO0156 SHANDY*RC retains his leading position as one of the worlds best sires that also offers the red factor. Shandy increased again for milk to +904 with high components +.03% F and +.03% P. Shandy is one of the High TPI sires @ +1425 and a leader for F & L (+1.84). This 516 aAa sire from the Scarlet Family with long productive life (+1.9) and very low somatic cell score (+2.86). Shandy is the bull every Holstein Breeder with either red or black cows should use.

76HO0270 POLLED PLUS*RC is a proven polled bull. Several other polled sires are also available from Taurus. Polled Plus is a calving ease (7) sire, 516 aAa and offers high components, +.09% F and +.04% P @ 82% Rel. Note his high classification average of 83.1 and use Polled-Plus as one of the “Profitable Genetics” sires from Taurus.

76HO0179 LYON-RED is one of the best available now up to +908 M, 82% Rel, and +1.03 Type with +1.8 productive life and +1299 TPI. Lyon-Red is the R&W bull for everyone. Check out the pictures in the Taurus Sire Directory, his daughter Maize-Red recently sold for $7200.00 and has sparked interest in this red bull that “does it all”.

Check the other “PROFITABLE GENETICS” sires from Taurus. Bulls like 76HO0252 Hanover-Hill Regency now at 99% Rel. He offers superior genetics with his +2.4 PL. Others like 76HO0135 Hanover-Hill Leader, 76HO0187 Hanover-Hill Dynamite and the new bulls, 76HO0315 Conner, 76HO0320  Bentley and 76HO0322 Outbreak all warrant your consideration. Be sure to review the Taurus proof/price list for complete information. Profiles are available to update the 2000/2001 Taurus Sire Directory. In addition to Taurus code 76 sires the complete Network Genetics (code 122) Holstein and Jersey line-up are available from Taurus in the U.S. 


76AY0710 TRIDENT  is the Ayrshire “Sire of the Century”. He is one bull that is writing breed history, he classified EX-95 (the highest ever in the world). He was just named Premier Sire at World Dairy Expo. His proof went up again and his son, 76AY0721 LOT “The Protein King” appears as one of the high bulls of the breed at +977 M +.04% +45 F and +.05% +40P and +0.8 type with one of the best PTI’s. 76AY0720 MAJOR LEAGUE is now +919 M and 76AY0722 PERFORMER +1125 M. Taurus offers the best line-up and the most to offer Ayrshire Breeders. Be sure to check out the newest P.T. sires including 76AY0731 PARAGON an Olympic 2 Son of the 76AY0716 SOLDIER daughter “Polly” that was just Grand Champion at Louisville.

76BS9016 EMORY is recognized as one of the greatest Brown Swiss sires ever. 76BS0900 EVEN is the leading Brown Swiss sire for NM$ @ +510 and protein (+.06%) +43 lbs. Even is +.07 type and the Simon brother to the great Emory.

76GU0800 DIVIDEND continues to sire the “Show Winners” in the breed. Check his balanced proof and note he is +1.2 type. Every dairyman with Guernsey cows should use Dividend.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes
Taurus has Dutch Belted, Milking Shorthorn, Lineback and now a new Red Lineback. Plus, Taurus offers several Polled Dairy Bulls in the Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey breeds. Taurus can supply all your semen needs.
Donsdell Even Nebo