Taurus Service, Inc.                  Feb 2001



     TAURUS SERVICE  Presents one of the very best dairy sire line-ups featuring “Profitable Genetics”. Taurus code 76 sires are all multi-herd stud proven across the US. Sires selected to progeny test are from the best true breeding cow families with the sire being a complementary mating. Taurus emphasizes total profits; therefore bulls are selected for production and milk components while keeping a balance of good type, long productive life and low somatic cell score. Taurus Service is noted for producing high quality semen that is above average conception. Semen prices offered by Taurus are the most affordable in the industry. Taurus has been an industry leader for 30 years and is the only remaining US stud based in the eastern states.


76HO0149 VINCE is adding 2nd crop daughters and shot up to +1573 M at 81% Rel. Vince is a type leader (+2.34 PTAT) with great udders (+ 2.15 UDC). If you consider the total value Vince offers, he is unmatched. Check his ideal type profile; note his low somatic cell score and make this great breeding Taurus sire your choice. Note his new TPI of +1444 and Taurus Total Value +2143.

76HO0158 WINNER Started adding early short lactation 2nd crop daughters and increased to 84% Rel. Winner is one of the breeds best for low somatic cell score (2.92) and long productive life (+1.9) and Net Merit $ (+458). This with +1398 M and +.04% F and +.00% Pro and one of the best for feet & legs @ +2.14 will make you a Winner. Winner is EX 93 and the 4th generation EX. His EX Benchmark sister is the dam of 76HO0321 Windstar EX-92 the 6th generation EX. Windstar is siring some very nice 2 year olds and is a plus milk sire with high components (+.08% F) and (+.05% Pro) Windstar’s 1st type proof is plus one across the board and we expect this to go much higher. This Mandel son from the good breeding Norz-Hill family is a bull to consider using along with Winner at one-half price. Winner’s TPI of +1506 will be one of the highest for all bulls with 2nd crop daughters.

76HO0322 OUTBREAK is a newly proven outcross Taurus sire by Dominator out of an EX Thor daughter from Springhill going back to the great Langacres cows. His 2nd dam is 3E-93 GMD DOM. This calving ease (8) bull is starting out at +1276 M +.06% +61 F +013% +45 Pro and 70% Rel with +509 NM $ long productive life (2.2) and very low somatic cell score (2.85); he is +1.23 type and has a good udder composite and Feet & Leg score and +1530 TPI. Outbreak is the new leading Total Value Taurus sire @ 2382. Note his 162 aAa code.

76HO0156 SHANDY*RC offers all Holstein breeders of B&W and Red Cattle a great package of high milk with (+.03% F) and (+.03% P), low SCS 2.92, long productive life +1.9 and one of the highest for Feet & Leg (+2.14) and +1425 TPI, +401 NM$ and a 516 aAa code. Shandy*RC and 76HO0159 LYON-RED, one of the best breeding R&W sires from the same Scarlet family, are two to consider with a 50,000 milk, EX 94 and EX 95 and All-American.

76HO0314 MOSES is one of the breeds best for calving ease (7) high components +07% F and +.06% P and an outcross sire (Elton X 4E-93 Sexation). Now with 142d/93h he proves this high reliability bull is the one.

Winner Hurtgen-Vue #2869
76HO0304 LOREDO is another calving ease (7) bull with lots of milk (+1520) plus type and +1.9 PL at a reasonable semen price.

76HO0306 FRISCO is also 7 CE, great Feet & Legs (+2.66) and high components, +07% F +.05% P from the famous Plushanski Faith Family. (There is limited semen availability).

76HO0270 POLLED PLUS*RC the best proven polled bull available now has 89 daughters and his production proof went up! Consider this good breeding bull for calving ease (8), Red Carrier and Polled. His son 76HO0358 FORTIFY-RED (polled) (vg-85) and her classified daughter average 83.1 AASC and is one of the best looking and has the most potential of the next generation polled Taurus Sires from the EX-93 Sophie Family at Burket Falls.

76HO0252 REGENCY now has almost 1200 daughters and is 99% Rel, this old stand-by “Starbuck” from the great Roxies has stood the test of time and offers “Total Value” and “Profitable Genetics”. Regency along with 76HO0186 HH Grandview (Grand X Lindy) from the LuLu Family (+1.82 T) and (2.09 UDC) and 76HO0187 Dynamite (Chesapeake X Star LuLu) +2.04 UDC and +865 M and several newer Roxy Family sires and more Hanover Hill bulls are available from Taurus.  

J-Long-Vue Shandy Dandy Doll
76HO0312 SAL-VATION the EX-95 brother to 76H0107 Sunbuck EX-97 is the one bull we get the most positive comments on from dairymen who have them and know he sires the profitable kind. SAL-VATION now with 155d/97h is +906 M and +2.13 Type. His 99 classified daughters average 82.2 AASC. This “Astre” son from TT Sallie H EX-96 and his brother 76HO0107 SUNBUCK(EX-97) with 99% Rel, 2.2 PL, low SCS (2.98) and great long lasting type, prove that these are two of the greatest breeding brothers available.

76HO0311 MEGA is average CE 9, a 156 aAa sire , that is 90% Rel, with high fat +55F (+.08%) and hails from a type breeding family. Use Mega and his brothers and sons of his full sister from Taurus today.



AYRSHIRE are the breeds best and are available around the world.
76AY0710 TRIDENT  EX-95 now with 647d/211h is known as the Ayrshire “Sire of the Century” and was named Premier Sire at the 2000 World Dairy Expo. He is at +647 M +.07% & 37F +.06% +30 P. 97% Rel and +1.2 Type and 190 PTI. Trident is still the one. His son, 76AY0721 LOT went up another percentage for fat and protein (+.05% F & +.06% P) and now +860 M make LOT the leading protein and PTI (+205) Ayrshire sire available. Another Trident son at Taurus is 76AY0722 Performer a leading production bull at +1354 M and 162 PTI. 

76AY0720 MAJOR LEAGUE is now up to +971 M and 76AY0716 SOLDIER  the sire of the 2000 All-American 5 year old Soldier Polly EX who is the dam of the new Taurus sire, 76AY0731 Paragon, are all bulls to consider along with the complete Taurus Ayrshire line-up. Be sure to help progeny test the next generation of Ayrshire bulls now available from Taurus.

76GU0800 DIVIDEND retains his highly regarded status among breeders as one of the best available. Note his milk went up another 100 pounds to +498 and he is +1.2 type. He is the sire of many show winners and several All-American nominations.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes
The brothers 76BS0900 EVEN is the leading NM$ bull @ +487 he now has 173d/98h and 93 % Rel. His older brother 76BS9016 EMORY former #1 PTI bull and Premier Sire of Wold Dairy Expo. He is still available at a very reasonable semen price. 76BS0905 TREVER is now proven with +632 M.

Donsdell Even Nebo