GGI News based on German values.


The May indexes were this time, because of the daughter group selections for the National German Holstein show on the 12th and 13 th of June, already publicised at the end of April. In the TOP 50 seven new bulls showed up but the expected appearance of the new generation of sire of sons did not happen. While good Fatal and Rudolph sons did not yet appear, a few good Lord Lily sons did make it this time. The best Esquimau sons seem to be still only in Germany. With the red and whites it is still Faber at the top but also Cadon, Konig and Origin are holding their own very well. 

The same bulls at the top with Manat still number one and Lukas back to number five, is a quick way to describe the top of the RZG list this time. Emil, at number 3, is the highest Esquimau-son, increasing in production, type and udderhealth (now positive, RZS 103)

One of the biggest climbers of this run is Marino (Mandel x Winken) originating from a US embryo importation. Through an increase in production, RZM 140, and good udderhealth is he now arrived at number 6. In conformation shows Marino himself as an allrounder and has especially for a Mandel son, good legs and feet. This is surely coming from his dam : Winken x Bell. Eminenz, with most of his daughters now in second lactation, could improve himself markedly in production and longevity (RZN 109) With his interesting pedigree, Esquimau x Secter x Sheik, he shows himself to be a good allrounder. Just his fat percentage needs some attention.

Also Dallas (Dombinator x Southwind) at number 11 takes a jump in production. (RZM 138, +8). With good type and faultless udders he does however not improve feet and legs. Probably because of Chief Mark in the back ground.

The newcomer of the last run, Derby, (Design x Blackstar), should now with extra daughters ( 96) and further small improvements on all fronts, also convince the last of the doubters. Derby has great production figures : +1832 kgs milk, -0,05%F/-0,06%P. At the Excellent Show in Ostfriesland Derby showed a daughter group that excelled in type and udders.(RZE 134).

With Landherr at number 17 we find a high ranking Lord Lily son(dams sire: Southwind) from a successful cow family. Landherr transmits high production with good solids and udderhealth. In conformation his strengths are type and legs/feet while he needs a bit of help in the udder department.

A bull that is becoming more and more interesting is Malte (RC Matt x Lindy), who because of his persistency took another jump and is now at number 17. He transmits, besides his different pedigree, high milk with solid type (RZE 125) and very good udderhealth (113) and outstanding longevity (109).

New in the toplist and best Fatal-son is Faun at number 22. Faun comes from a dam with high percentages (Prelude x Wagner) and transmits +0,10/+0,10 for fat and protein. With still low repeatability Faun could confirm his earlier figures and shows allround type transmission. Ladins second crop daughters are now calving but are not yet included in this run. Being a Luke son he transmit extreme solids and his heifers are already showing his good type.

While several Juror sons this time had to cope with losses, Jurassic is doing the opposite. With a good plus in production (RZM 130), Jurassic shows an impressive linear, that should produce big, heavy cows with show potential.

A small step backwards had to be taken by the Celsius son Carrera (x Belt). Because Carrera is not alive, semen supply is scarce.

Both Prelude sons Pedant (29) and Predello (37) hardly changed and can both look forward to their second crop daughters soon.

Zunder at number 39, is like last time one of the best bulls for udderhealth (116), longevity (114) and percentages (-0,01/+0,06) in the toplist. This with his very good type and udder transmission makes Zunder internationally very interesting.

Zador is another Zack son, very similar to Zunder and a few places higher up the list.

Interesting happenings a few places further down the list. First we have Basar, who with +4000 daughters (now more than 15000 in all regions) jumps with a sensational 6 RZM points back into the top 50. Like before with a solid type and percentages, good udderhealth (108) and longevity (103) he is experiencing growing popularity with herdowners who like the goodtempered Basar daughters and are using the bull again.

One of the biggest jumps of all is made by Esquin at number 50. He is from France and is from both sides a grandson of Sammy. Esquin has now an RZM of 128 (+8)and a faultless linear (128). So a very good allrounder. He is further interesting because of his good percentages (-0,07/-0,02) and good udderheath, something special for an Esquimau-son. Esquin is further used in his own region as an easy calving sire.

A very interesting allrounder and new bull in the toplist is Lobito at number 60. With the up to date pedigree of Lord Lily x Celsius this high-type bull transmits very good production ; +1610, -0,04/-0,04. Because of the fact that daughters of Lobito, already before these indexes, sold for high prices and the fact that he is a heifer bull, we should expect him to be in big demand.

Both Juror sons Juote and Jeff, had to accept drops in production. Both should stay interesting however because of their excellent type and very good udderhealth. Juote lands, because of a light increase in his RZE (137), in the Top5 for overall type.

Lentini is with his RZE of 136 also in the type-elite. His first second crop daughters have calved but have not yet influenced these indexes.

Good news is there from Raimon. With 374 daughters in his proof he stays where he was with a constant RZG.

Preval has also 2119 new daughters in his proof and does not have to hide himself : +2 in RZM and RZE.

No news is good news as all important red and white bulls stayed where they were or went up slightly.

Faber is again the undisputable number one and went up again in production (RZM133, +3) and is with RZE 137 is also one of the top type transmitters.

After him you have immediately 4 Rudi-sons. Runzel is by far the highest in production with his RZM of 144 but will find few users with his RZE of 92. Runzel comes from a Marty half sister of Knirps (s. Koerier 104) who with an RZM 127 and RZE 120 at number 20 shows that he is a very good allround bull.

After Rubens (the best Rudi-son, but without any semen), two halfbrothers : Rudiboy has got a Canadian Milestone-dam and is a percentage specialist.(+0,17/+0,21)

Reviero is with his dam Stora RF a halfbrother to the Canadian type bull Richesse Stoneham. Reviero transmits size and type, good udders and fantastic rearudders.

The repeatability from Reviero is however still low.

Behind Denny, like Monet , now with 52 extra daughter from the second crop, Cadon with an RZG of 135 stays consistent. The Koerier son Konig (number 9) goes up because of a much improved RZS and also through improvement in his fat percentage.

Also consistent is Origin, who with his good percentages (+0,48/+0,12), good udderhealth (117) and good longevity (112) is ready for the August run when the total index is more concentrated on functionality traits.

After that at number 13, 14 and 15 three Factor sons : Finn stays as high type (132) and type transmitter constant. Fazit (dam: Mascot from the fullsister to Jupiler) with a small plus in type (126) and udder health (105). Benefactor with hig milk but not too strong in type.

After Milldaer comes the new Kom Leader son Kompass 593387. He has a Jubilant dam and is a high-type transmitter (RZE 131) with average production (RZM 121) and good udderhealth (105). Low repeatability however.

Sputnic (number 1 on type, RZM 120) is already dead and his semenstock therefore very low. Utamil (+4 RZM) and the already wellknown Knirps (+2RZM) finish of the Top 20.

The interesting Adonis son, and last time 'new kid on the block', Achtung (dam Caveman x Stratos) stayed very much the same.

Agent (Polled Plus x Blackstar) improved with 3 RZM point and could take back a fair bit of his losses from last February.

New is the Kom Leader son Kaucher at number 32 from an Aerostar-dam. Kaucher transmits extreme milk(+2167) and good udders (122).

New is also Rumiro (Rudi x Target) from the same cow family as Stadel. Different from most Rudi sons, Rumiro is an excellent allround bull with good percentages (+0,19/+0,08). Good type (RZE 121, Udder 117) and good udderhealth.

The last new bull in the Top 50 is Delta Keur, a Rudi son from the full sister to Yava RF and Aga. While Aga transmits like his fullbrother Achtung (Adonis x Caveman), Delta Keur is too low in type (106) to be used on a large scale.