Current Taurus Sire News 11/02


TAURUS SERVICE, INC.                                             NOVEMBER 2002


TAURUS SERVICE continues to select sires for real profits, the same as we have done for over 30 years. We provide "Profitable 
via sons of the best true breeding cow families in North America. Our selection criteria includes longevity (production life) 
and low somatic cell count with extra emphasis on type (udder plus feet & legs). Check the Taurus Total Value (TTV) index 
calculated by us to rank sires for real profits, also note that the Holstein Association has revised the TPI formula.


76HO0149 VINCE EX-92 now has 729d/329h that average 25,731M 3.6% 918F 2.9% 751P with PTAís of +1042M and +1.99 type. VINCE is +1447 TTV and +1183 TPI. He is one of the best type transmitting sires in the industry. Check out his profile and note he is 
one of the best conception sires available and you get all this at a very reasonable price and proven reliability of 97%.

76HO0158 WINNER EX-93 keeps adding many second crop daughters and is now 98% Rel with even more milk and protein than last summary. WINNER is one of the breedís best sires for feet and legs and productive life +2.0 and very low SCS (2.84). WINNER has 
a new low price to make him one of the "Best Buys", also consider 76HO0321 WINDSTAR EX-92 the Mandel son out of Winnerís sister. WINDSTAR is +.06% for F & P and has a real nice type profile and is a breed leader for shallow udders. Be sure to check out several 
Sires for Your Future
and new Progeny Test bulls from the tremendous breeding "Winner" Family.

76HO0156 SHANDY *RC EX-92 now has 498d/200h and is 96% Rel. This bull sires a lot of strength, excellent feet and legs. Use SHANDY by his aAa code 5164 on your narrow dairy cows to get daughters that will last longer and produce a profit.

76HO0277 MANTON newly proven last summary, now has 46d/25h and is 78% Rel. MANTON is the Patron son out of the EX-GMD DOM Melwood daughter of Dellia EX-95 GMD DOM. MANTON is plus everywhere including F&P %ís and check his ideal type profile. MANTON is a new Taurus Sire to use!

76HO0276 H.H. THUNDER a newly proven Storm son out of Starmark Lulu 2E-94. Grandam is H.H. Star Lulu EX-93 GMD DOM and the 3rd dam Triple Threat Lulu EX-96 GMD DOM. THUNDER is a leading type sire at +2.42 and one of the best udder sires available at +2.55. Note his 165 aAa code, use THUNDER with confidence at a very reasonable semen price.

76HO0107 SUNBUCK EX-97 now with thousands of daughters and 99% Rel is still a plus proven sire known to sire brood cows and "Profitable Genetics". Check out the latest proof and also note that his brother 76HO0312 SAL-VATION EX-96 is up for committee inspection for EX-97, this makes breed history as the only EX-97 brothers ever and their dam is EX-96. Now at 94% Rel SAL-VATION should not be overlooked.

76HO0252 H H REGENCY VG-89 GM has proven to be one of the best Hanover-Hill sires ever. He now has thousands of daughters and many excellent ones. REGENCY is known to sire lots of dairyness, clean flat bone and deep bodies. He is +2.3 productive life. REGENCY daughters are some of the best old cows in herds around the country. We encourage his continued use as one of the best for "Profitable Genetics".

76HO0331 BROWNDALE CLASSIC EX-92 is the Manhattan brother to Stardust proven by Taurus. Note his +.26% fat deviation. If you want more butterfat here is the bull to consider!

76HO0353 LABOMBA VG-85 is one of the breeds best for protein at +69P and +.06% LABOMBA is a high production bull at +1819 M and hails from the great La-La Family.

76HO0343 TRITT VG-85 is +1496 M +35 F +39 P very long productive life (+2.4) and a point plus on type with an ideal type profile. TRITT is an outcross sire to consider.

76HO0333 EMBLEM VG-88 is high milk +1622 , very low SCS (2.91), EMBLEM sires stature and frame with good F & L.

76HO0350 TOM P*RC (Polled) is a newly proven polled red carrier sire that is +827 M and plus type. Note his daughters average of 25,004M 3.6% 901F 2.9% 737P and only 2.95 SCS.

76HO0358 FORTIFY-RED VG-88 (Polled) is a leader for components at +.22% Fat with plus across the board production.

76HO0351 LANCER *RC is a new red carrier that emerges as a production leader with +1977M +74F and +44P, this 654 aAa Megabuck son is also a calving ease sire.

76HO0330 REDWOOD *RC is another red carrier Taurus "Profitable Genetics" sire at +1458M +54F & +44P with +%ís and a point of type.

76HO0347 MARVEL VG-85 is another newly proven "Taurus Total Value" sire. Check his proof: +1357M +.09% +73F and +37P and +1.10 type. He has a good type profile and low semen price.


Review again the information above on leading red carriers. 76HO0156 SHANDY*RC, 76HO0330 REDWOOD *RC, 76HO0351 LANCER*RC and polled sires like 76HO0350 TOM P *RC (polled), 76HO0158 FORTIFY-RED (polled) and and add to this list one of the breeds best R&W sires 76HO0179 LYON-RED , now at 88% Rel and +877M +2.3 PL and +.93 type with a calving ease. 76HO0344 SLAMDUNK-RED a plus across the board production bull with super type. 76HO0346 FORMULA*RC +2016M and you have the best-proven Red line-up of "Profitable Genetics" in the world. Also check out the extensive line-up of Red Genetic sires for your future and three (3) new PT sires, one of which is a polled LYON-RED son.



Taurus Service has the most extensive line-up of Polled bulls in the Holstein Red & White, Ayrshire, Jersey and even a Milking Shorthorn bull available. Be sure to check the proof/price list, a bull with P after his name denotes he is polled and will sire at least 50% of his offspring without horns.


76JE0119 WF BROOK BOMBER is +1064M +.07% +61F and +32P, already known as possibly the best Brook son available. BOMBER is now +1.8 type. 76JE0121 GUIDO is +1290M and +1.20 type. 76JE0122 CRUSH is +1.6 type and +994M +.03%P +40P. Thee proven Taurus Sires plus the most diversified line-up of Jersey sires anywhere offered you the best of Jersey "Profitable Genetics". Note that 76JE0135 DELUXE has dominated the show ring with daughters this year. Be sure to review the complete Taurus Jersey line-up that includes 140JE0330 MANNIX plus RAPID BAY and BREEDERS CHOICE Sires and a fantastic group of new progeny test sires.


76AY0721 LOT just keeps looking better, now at +866M +.04% +41F +.05 % +35P he is known as the "Protein King" he is now +1.1 type and in the top 10 for most all traits. 76AY0710 TRIDENT the "Ayrshire Sire of the Century" now has 2586 daughters and still has one of the best Ayrshire proofs. Check out 76AY0720 MAJOR LEGUE +810M and +1.2 type, 76AY0722 PERFORMER +720M & +.06 type, 76AY0725 MOMBO +906M & +0.6 type. This proven line-up plus 76AY0725 SKYBUCK and 76AY0728 ENTERPRISE both bulls we are getting good reports on plus a new group of PT sires, gives you the best and largest line-up of Ayrshire sires available.


76BS0900 EVEN EX and 76BS9016 EMORY EX are the best brothers ever in the breed. Both have had and continue a great impact. Check out the high reliability proof information and use more today. Both are also ideal sires for cross breeding. Also, consider 76BS0907 JAG and 76BS0908 JACK they are both line breed sires with the best of EMORY and EVEN with 6 generations of EX dams.


76GU0800 DIVIDEND now with 110d/58h is +581M and +1.3 type. DIVIDEND sires show winners and some of the best Guernsey cows around the world. See page 33 of the sire directory for three new Guernsey sires to sample.