Shore Newsletter
Holding Their Own

PROFIT 36HO00181- Elton Son x Ex 90 Slocum Sabra from Glen-Toctin Farm. Full brother to Pippen but Profit is negative for CVM! Commercial man's dream, over 1000 of milk. plus on fat and protein, 1.41 on type plus 1.72 on UDC and plus 1.43 on FLC and a calving ease score of 8%.

GAIETY 36HO00177 - Luke Son x Aerostar that keeps going up instead of coming down like most Luke sons. Over 1700 milk., 60 Ibs. fat and protein, NM is $510.. low SCS of2.88 and plus 1.79 on FLC.


Two Old Timers Adding Second Crop Daughters

MARCUS 36HO00179 - Elton Son x Test - Mr. Farmer satisfaction! Just starting his second crop and added 49 new daughters, still positive across the board in production, over 1 point in type and plus 1 point in UDC and FLC. Marcus' calving ease still remains at a very low 6%.

FAMOUS 36HO00151 -Elton Son x Blackstar Mary from Wadel Holsteins. Famous is a maternal brother to Wadel Bubba and the same family as Emerson. Their dams are full sisters and both are sired by Elton. Just starting to add his first handful of second crop daughters - at 65 daughters his 1300+ Ibs. milk and 1.78 on type sounds like it will hold. Famous' calving ease score is now lowered to 7%!

New Releases

ZIDANE 36HO00856 - Gibbon Son x Celsius Zambi from Futuraland Holsteins. Great component bull! Double digit on fat and protein both and plus 1. 54 on type, over 2 points on B.D.and D traits. Zidane makes his daughters tall, long, deep, open ribbed. that walk on very correct feet and legs showing straight from the rear with steep heels. Zidane also makes great rear udders with tremendous width and height. His first proof shows 121 daughters in 60 herds. This is a combined proof of US daughters and Australian daughters. He was also sampled in England and Ireland but no data represented in February 2003 proof.


DYLAN 36HO00864 - Wade Son x Elton Dream from Regancrest Holsteins. The dam is a full sister to Durham! Great new type bull for the most discriminating enthusiast. At 2.97 UDC makes him one of the highest bulls in the breed! FLC. 1.86, B.D. 2.14 and oveall type is 2.01 with a direction from which we hear in the field should keep going in an upward motion. We are expecting 200+ daughters in his US proof and he was also sampled in Holland, Austria. South Africa, Sweden and England but no data represented in February 2003 proof.

MAVERICK 36HO00854 - Fred Son x Elton Marietta from Wadel Holsteins.
A very balanced bull, plus on all his production traits and productive life. His type pattern shows his daugbtexs to be: tall, open ribbed, with super mammary systems. Calving ease for Maverick is at 7%. In mating Maverick protect him in that they can be more tall than wide. Maverick was also sampled in England but no data represented in February 2003 proof.


JACKSON 36HO00855 - Formation Son x Celsius Jill from Wadel Holsteins. One of the highest production bulls in the USA for milk, fat and protein. Calving ease for Jackson is 7%. Type pattern shows steep heeled and straight legs from side and rear. Protect on udder depth and fore udder attachments - they like to work. He has been sampled also in England, Southern Ireland and South Africa but no data represented in February 2003 proof