Current Taurus Sire News 2/03

           Welcome to our web site! We are truly a unique stud in an industry that has become one of mergers and ever larger studs. Instead, we have slowly increased our offering and impact on the breed. We focus on improving the profitability of dairymen's herds.




TAURUS SERVICE strives to offer dairymen around the world "Profitable Genetics" with semen from sires out of the best true breeding families. Taurus has always emphasized lifetime production and reproduction. Our criterion for sire selection considers (PL) Production Life (SCS) low Somatic Cell Score and type traits to insure longevity and efficient feed conversion. Consider (TTV) "Taurus Total Value" as a ranking index, which includes NM$ + TPI and Type, Feet & Legs and extra emphasis on udders. This formula is also weighed by reliailibilty of the information. TTV will help you select the best "Profitable Genetics" from Taurus Service, Inc.


76HO0149 VINCE EX-92 remains one of the breeds high profile bulls for real transmitting ability, now with a MACE proof with 882d/396h Vince is 98% Rel and still close to +1,000m with a low SCS of 2.95. VINCE has 263 classified daughters with 94% R and +2.54 final score with one of the best type profiles in the breed. VINCE is siring the best type in Canada, for the Sept/Oct classification round 42% classified GP 83 or higher, this was the highest of all bulls; only 8% of Canadian classified 1st lactation cows were scored 83 or above. Check him out and buy Vince semen while he is available on special.

76HO0276 THUNDER is a newer Taurus sire that ranks high on Total Value because he has a balanced proof with high type (+2.39) and super udders (+2.52). He is already 84% rel. THUNDER is a "Storm" son from 4 generations of Excellent LuLuís. Donít pass up this opportunity for a calving ease sire (7S/7D) and a 165 aAa code too!

76HO0277 MANTON is now 80% rel with a +1172 milk proof and high components +.04%F & +.01%P. MANTON is a breed leader for type at +1.93 PTAT and +2.76 final score. Check out his profile and note he is one of the breeds very best for udders and udder depth, cleft and teat placement. This Patron son is from the EX-GMD DOM Melwood daughter of Dellia 2E-95 GMD DOM thus the heart of the Regancrest Delliaís is available to you from Taurus.

76HO0354 ADMIRAL EX-92 tripled his production proof and his type is +2.16, which ranks him one of the best of the breed. ADMIRAL is +3.09 final score and +3.04 rear udder height. Surely, ADMIRAL is one of the best Profitable Genetics sires and his is a full brother to Ashlyn EX-96 All-Am & All-Can and Adeen EX-94 4 time All-Am and Favor EX-92 with over 40,000M the dam of 76HO0435 ALTANTIS a current PT sire with a +3.04 PTAT by Durham. ADMIRAL and ALTANTIS are the kind of sires Taurus is known to sell and has now for 32 years.

76HO0158 WINNER EX-93, 76HO0321 WINDSTAR EX-92 and newly proven 76HO0375 WINFIELD EX-90 are all from the proven Norz-Hill family noted for production, components, great feet & legs and longevity. WINNER is now 98% rel with +1320M and +1.94F&L with +2.1PL with a real low SCS of 2.82, plus he is a calving ease bull (8S/7D). The dam of WINDSTAR and WINFIELD is a sister to WINNER, that is now 3E-93. WINDSTAR is a real component improver (+.06%F & +.06%P) a "Mandel" son that has one of the best-balanced proofs in the Taurus line-up. Newly proven WINFIELD is an EX "Winchester" son that is +1237M +.06% +61F +.03% +44P on his 1st proof and already he has VG classified daughters. You get the best "Profitable Genetics" from the Winner family and 76HO0432 WONDER a "Marshall" brother and & 76HO0433 WHIZ-O an "Igniter" brother to WINDSTAR and WINFIELD are now available for progeny test (PT).

76HO0311 MEGA continues to add 2nd crop daughters and is now 97% Rel, his proof increased again with +.08%F and +.03%P and +1.0PL. MEGA is one of the best for calving ease at 6S/6D and is a 156 aAa code sire, MEGA daughters satisfy dairymen!

76HO0107 SUNBUCK EX-97 and his brother 76HO0312 SAL-VATION EX-97 are two of only seven bulls ever classified EX-97. Plus they are from the only cow ever to produce two 97-point offspring. SUNBUCK has over 3,000 daughters and at 99% Rel is still a plus production bull with +1.8PL and very low (2.98) SCS. He is also 99% Rel for type with over 1,200 daughters that average 82.2 AACS. SAL-VATION is now 95% Rel and almost +1,000M with +1.7PL and has 137D/84H (92% Rel) classified daughters that average 82.1. These two great breeding sons of the famous "Triple Threat" daughter Hanover Hill TT Sallie H (4E-96) will sire the kind of cows to keep you in business. Both are available in the US on the $97.00 Special for a cane of semen of each bull to honor their being classified EX-97.

76HO0252 H H REGENCY VG-89 GM is one of the best sires for "Profitable Genetics" ever at Taurus. He is the highest proven Hanover Hill bred sire and a full brother to "íRaider". Check his 99% Rel proof and note an ideal type profile. REGENCY and a group of young Roxy family sires are available to you from Taurus. Check them out and consider the newest PT Roxy sire 76HO434 ROXIE the "Outside" son of J Roxy the EX-91 "Juror" daughter from the EX "Aerostar" daughter with 50,000 lbs milk from "Roxette" then "Roxy" the Queen of the Breed!

76HO0343 TRITT VG-85 is a Taurus proven sire from the Million Pound Milk Family. He is now +1552M and +2.0PL with a balanced type profile. This outcross sire is one to consider.

76HO0314 MOSES EX-91 is one of the best for calving ease (6S/6D) and components (+.05%F & +.06%P) with 94% Rel. MOSES and 76HO0357 MILO VG-85 the "Storm" son out of his EX-92 DOM Tesk sister are Taurusís high test sires. MILO is +.21%F and only 2.86 SCS with +1.42 Type +1.94 Udders and +1.00F&L, this son and grandson of the 4E-93 GMD DOM Sexation daughter are for you, Milo is an aAa 165234.

76HO0347 MARVEL is from a real cow family and is proving to be a high production bull (+1413M) with extreme butterfat +.10% and 77 pounds. MARVEL has an ideal type profile and sires "Profitable Genetics".


Taurus offers one of the best and most extensive line-up for Red. 76HO0156 SHANDY*RC EX-92 is 97% Rel and one of the best because he is +.02%F & +.04%P with low SCS 2.93 and long productive life +1.8. SHANDY sires strength (516 aAa) and hails from the great breeding Scarlet Family. 76HO0179 LYON-RED also a Scarlet Family sire is the best for Red. He added 2nd crop daughters and is +678M and +2.2PL with good type. 76HO0330 REDWOOD *RC is now +1383M +51F +44P at 83% Rel with low SCS of 2.89, this is an outcross for R&W bloodline and also a calving ease sire (8S/7D). 76HO0351 LANCER*RC is one of the breeds best for production at +1934M +70F +43P at 81% Rel this 654 aAa sire is also calving ease (8S/7D). 76HO0329 SYMBOL-RED has one of the best type profiles for a Red bull and 76HO0344 SLAMDUNK-RED another "Selsy" son is also high type at +1.51. These two plus their older brother 76HO0137 SELECT *RC with thousands of daughters that average over 25,700M and is +1546M are all available.


Yes, Taurus Service, Inc. has the most to offer with Polled bulls, a large group of Holstein R&W and *RC plus Ayrshire, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn Polled bulls are available. 76HO0350 TOM P *RC is +888M with low SCS 2.95 and long PL (+1.1) and a "Rudolph" son. 76HO0270 POLLED PLUS *RC now has hundreds of daughters and his proof increased to +244M +.06% +22F +.05% +19P and +1.8PL he has 145 classified daughters averaging 80.6 and this 516 aAa bull is also calving ease (7S/7D). 76HO0358 FORTIFY RED (polled) is one of the highest fat bulls (+.19%) 59 pounds and +1.2PL. This Polled Plus son is from the 2E-91 GMD-DOM SAVINA. Also, consider the new PT sire 76HO0440 TENAFLY-RED (Polled) who is a LYON-RED son from Hickorymea.


TAURUS has built the most genetic diversified Jersey line-up available. Our leading proven sire is 76JE0119

WF BROOK BOMBER is +1909 DYDM with a PTA of +1302M +.07% +72F and +40P. He makes the correct type cow and is +1.6 Type, making him one of your best choices. Also check out 76JE0121 GUIDO, 76JE0122 CRUSH and

140JE0330 MANNIX plus our offering from Rapid Bay, Breeders Choice, UTH, New Zealand and the Taurus young Jersey Sires with 76JE0135 DELUXE as a headliner plus MARINER, JADE, FLASH and JUST WAIT are house hold names in the Jersey business. 


Taurus has the largest Ayrshire program of all US studs. Check out the newest sires available and note that 76AY0721 LOT is +777M +.04% +38F +.06% +35P and +1.0 Type, plus he ranks in the top 10 for almost every trait and category prove that this is the "Trident" son to use. 76AY0710 TRIDENT EX-95 has almost 3,000 daughters and is +670M +.06% +36F +.05% +30P and +1.2 Type. Other top Taurus proven Ayrshire sires are 76HO0716 SOLDIER, 76AY0720 MAJOR LEGUE, 76AY0722 PERFORMER, 76AY0724 REMARKABLE, 76AY0725 MOMBO and newly proven 76AY0726 TAURUS, who is +643M and +.2 Type on his 1st proof. 


The best Brown Swiss brothers ever in the breed are the Taurus Sires 76BS0900 EVEN EX and 76BS9016 EMORY EX. Both rank well on this list and are also providing the best genetics for the next generation. Donít pass up continuing use on these two great breeding sires and if you know of Holstein dairymen cross breeding be sure to tell them EMORY and EVEN would be the best! 


76GU0800 DIVIDEND now at 88% Rel is +668M and +1.3 Type. DIVIDEND has proven to sire the winners and is a breed favorite. He and two sons are at Taurus, plus 76GU0803 MASTERPIECE the "Valor" son of the champion "Bossman" daughter with high production.


TAURUS SERVICE offers "PROFITABLE GENETICS"ô for all dairy breeds including LINEBACK, DUTCH BELTED, MILKING SHORTHORN, NORMANDE, CROSSBRED and POLLED BULLS in the Holstein, R&W, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn and Jersey breeds. Taurus is also the US distributor for Livestock Improvement New Zealand Genetics š Taurus has an extensive line-up of grazing sires. Ask for a directory with prices included, and review the Taurus protein breed proof/price list.