Mehoopany, PA. A Holstein bull owned by Taurus Service, Inc. has been designated a Gold Medal Sire. Gold Medal Sire designations are based on TPI, with approximately 25 new bulls recognized as Gold Medal Sires each year by Holstein Association USA.

76HO0158 Norz-Hill P WINNER EX-93-GM is one of the newest Gold Medal Sires. WINNER was bred by Norz-Hill Farm, Richard Norz and Family of Hillsborough, NJ. The dam of WINNER is a 3rd generation Excellent cow and she is also GMD and DOM. Named; Winken, she is the 6th generation to have a 3.5%(true) protein test. At 6-04, 365 days, she produced 25260 milk, 5.0% 1257 butterfat, 3.5% 872 protein. She is still producing at 13 years of age a Norz-Hill Farm as is her twin sister and many family members.

A daughter of Winken, being a sister to WINNER is Norz-Hill Bench Winny 3E-93 DOM. Winny has four sons at Taurus Service, Inc. Her oldest son is the popular proven, 76HO0321 Windstar EX-92. Windstar is a leading component improver. Newly proven at Taurus is another grandson of Winken, also out of the dam Winny who is now co-owned by Norz-Hill and Cedar Lane Farm, is 76HO0375 Winfield EX-90. Winfield is also a high plus component improver and is +1406 TPI and sired by "Winchester." Winny has two new progeny test sires at Taurus: 76HO0432 Wonder, a "Marshall" son and 76HO0433 Whiz O, an "Igniter" son. These young bulls now have four generations of EX dams with 3 generations of Dam of Merit designation with their own dam producing nearly 40,000 pounds of milk at Cedar Lane Farm. Remember, she is the sister to the newest Gold Medal Sire, 76HO0158 WINNER EX-93-GM. 76HO0419 Winston is another bull from the Winner family at Taurus. He is a "Brett" son out of a VG-86 2 year old "Winchester" daughter of "Wish, " who is a Very Good sister to Winner.

Dick Witter, President and CEO of Taurus Service, Inc. states he first selected WINNER because of the production and high components along with superior type of his family. Witter says the family has continued to develop which is the reason Taurus Service has gone back for more sons to provide "Profitable Genetics" to Taurus customers around the world.

76HO0158 WINNER is now proven at 98% Reliability and is +1320 M +45 F +36 P and +408 NM$. He is one of the best sires in the breed for productive life at 2.82. WINNER is also one of the leading feet and leg improvers, at +1.94 FLC and is a calving ease sire (8S/7D).

Taurus is offering a special price on WINNER and WINDSTAR semen at the present time. The current progeny test bulls from this family, plus other progeny test sires from Taurus Service are one-half price to US dairymen on DHI, qualifying for genetic evaluation.


Mehoopany PA. History was made for the Holstein breed at the Taurus Service Bull Stud located in Northeastern, PA in November 2002. Two Holstein bulls owned by Taurus Service, Inc. both brothers to each other have classified Excellent 97 points. On November 5, official breed association classifier Mike Nolan, Classified 76HO0312 Pamtom Sal-Vation EX-97 final score, EX-98 Frame, EX-95 Dairy Character, EX-97 Body Capacity and EX-98 Feet & Legs. This resulted in a committee to review the score. On November 12, 2002 Holstein Association Manager of Classification Services, John Conner and the third classifier, Al McClure classified Sal-Vation to confirm his EX-97 score. Mr. McClure’s breakdown confirmed the 97-point classification and he scored the bull 100 points for body capacity. Sal-Vation had been previously classified EX-96, EX-95, Ex-94, EX-90, VG-87 and his first classification in 1997 was VG-85. 76HO0312 Sal-Vation is a son of "Astre" bred by Herb and June Kerr, Pamtom Farms, Hudson Falls, NY. His dam is Hanover-Hill T.T. Sallie H. 4E-96. She had a high production record of 34530m 4.1% 1407f 3.3% 1150p at 9 years 2 months. She classified EX-94 at 5 years and EX-95 at 8 years of age and EX-96 at almost 13 years. She lived to be 16 years old and produced over 200,000 lbs of milk in her lifetime.

This great transmitting "Triple Threat" daughter is also the dam of 76HO0107 Pamtom Sunbuck that is also classified EX-97. Taurus Service, Inc. of Mehoopany PA also owns Sunbuck. No other brothers, ever, in the breed has been classified EX-97, according to Holstein breed historian and pedigree expert Horace Bachus. A third excellent son of Sallie H. was the popular Canadian bull Hanover-Hill Skybuck. These three great sires also have numerous high-classified sisters.

Dick Witter, president of Taurus Service, Inc., selected Sunbuck to be progeny tested in 1991. He states that when officially proven Sunbuck had sired some excellent daughters as a young bull and he received a top genetic evaluation for production and type. Witter believes that Sunbuck has sired more percentage wise EX-92 or higher classified daughters than any other currently active AI sire. Sunbuck himself classified VG-87 at 2 years of age then EX-91, EX-92, EX-94, EX-96 and then EX-97 as a 7-year-old bull. Pamtom Sal-Vation was also bred by Herb and June Kerr and came to Taurus Service as a young sire in 1995 to be progeny tested by Taurus. Witter states that with these two brothers classifying EX-97 recognition needs to be given to the Kerrs' of Pamtom Farm as the breeders. No other Holstein breeders in the world have bred two EX-97 sires and the Kerrs’ have, out of the same dam! a cow they developed to 4E-96 when she was a stable mate to two other EX-97 cows owned by Pamtom Farm.

76HO0312 Sal-Vation is the newest EX-97 bull in the breed. There have been only approximately 15 bulls ever classified this high. The genetic evaluation shows Sal-Vation to be a breed leader for transmitting type and milk. He now has several daughters that have scored excellent as young cows and has two-year-old daughters that have produced over 30,000 lbs of milk. Semen is available on Sunbuck and Sal-Vation at only $16.00 a straw from Taurus Service or a Taurus rep or dealer in the U.S. Taurus has distributors in many countries around the world including Foundation Sires and Independent Breeders Service in Canada plus Red Rose Genetics/Taurus UK in England that have Taurus semen available. Taurus also markets Browndale Specialty Sires and Foundation Sires in the U.S.

With the herd classification at Taurus Service several other bulls were classified Excellent, they include 76HO0158 Norz-Hill Winner at EX-93, the high type proven sire 76HO0149 Vince at EX-92 and76HO0354 Tri-Day Admiral who was raised from EX-90 to EX-92. Admiral is a full brother to the All American and All Canadian Ashlyn EX-92 and Adeen EX-94 plus Flavor EX-92 who also has a young son at Taurus. 76HO0375 Winfield classified EX-90 at 4-year of age. He is a bother to the EX-92, 76HO0321 Winstar also at Taurus. Both are sons of the Excellent "Benchmark" sister to Winner. This cow also has 2 yearling sons that just entered AI service at Taurus. 76HO0373 Ridgedale Rocky*RC classified EX-91 at just 4 years of age and his brother 76HO0409 Reward VG-85 at 2 years of age. They hail from the famous Roxy family as do several other Taurus sires including 76HO0090 H.H. Precisonst EX-93, 76HO0252 Regency VG-89 GM, 76HO0318 Suprimo VG-86 and 76HO0399 Rox VG-87 at 2 years of age. Plus more that classified Good Plus, as young bulls. The proven sires 76HO0322 Outbreak, was checked at EX-90, as was 76HO0345 Halcyon EX-90 a newly proven Rudolph son from the great breeding Horace family.

Several other Taurus Sires classified Very Good including the popular young sons of Toby EX-96 76HO0422 Trace VG-86 and 76HO0424 Trey VG-85, both at just 2 years of age and being full brothers sired by "Lee". It is believed that the average score of the Taurus Sires is the highest for any bull stud in the world and that Taurus Service has the highest percentage of bulls officially scored Excellent of any stud.

Taurus Service was founded in 1971. The company trademark is "Profitable Genetics". Taurus is the only major bull stud left headquartered in Pennsylvania that also maintains a stud in the state. As one of only seven major AI companies is North America, Taurus markets semen around the world. 



MEHOOPANY, PA – On Tuesday, September 25, 2001 76AY0710 Ardrossan EV Kates Trident EX-95 was put to sleep at Taurus Service, Inc. and laid to rest near the company offices. Trident was nearing 14 years of age and failing health wise. He had not produced freezable semen for several months.

Trident was bred by Mrs. Hope Scott, Ardrossan Farms, Villanova, Pennsylvania. He came to Taurus Service, Inc. as a young sire. He was part of a program with the Pennsylvania Ayrshire Breeders Association to exchange semen in Scotland. Dick Witter, President & CEO of Taurus Service, Inc. became a good friend of Mrs. Scott as a result of the constant communication about Trident’s development. Mrs. Scott enjoyed knowing about his development and his early proof. However, she passed away before Trident was classified EX-95, was named Premier Sire and being recognized as the leading bull ever in the Ayrshire breed.

Few bulls of any breed have contributed as much as Trident has. He was the former #1 PTI and Net Merit $ sire for the Ayrshire breed. The title of "Sire of the Century" was given to him, prior to the century changing. In 2000, he was named the Premier Sire at the World Dairy Expo. He was re-classified EX-95 again within the past year.

Trident was the breed’s highest classified bull – EX-95. His dam, Ardrossan R Com Kate Tryit, was also classified EX-95. Her 6-02 record was as follows, 305 days 27960 Milk 4.2% 1171 Fat 3.2% 903 protein. Her dam was Ardrossan P. Vue Kate Mite Try (VG-86) and had the following record 7-05 305 days 25180 Milk 4.2% 1052 Fat 3.4% 846 Protein. Trident was sired by Ardrossan HK Evangelist.

August 2001 Genetic Evaluations ranked Trident high. His current proof is +621 Milk .07% +36 Fat +.06% +29 Protein +236 NM$ +1.1 PTA Type +173 PTI.

Trident is believed to have sired more EX daughters than any other Ayrshire bull. His daughters have sold for record prices in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

He has been the leading sire of Elite Ayrshire cows and has highly proven sons around the World. His son 76AY0721 Plum-Bottom Trident’s Lot at Taurus is known as "The Protein King," another son 76AY0722 Ardrossan Trident Performer is the breeds leading milk sire at +1219 PTAM. Taurus has sons from several Trident daughters being proven.

Taurus Service, Inc. has the largest Ayrshire Sire Program of any U.S. stud with more bulls being progeny tested each year. Be sure to get the latest Taurus Sire Directory and consider becoming a T.A.P. (Taurus Affiliated Progeny) herd. Taurus Service is one of only 7 major A.I. companies in North America and is the only stud headquartered in the Northeast.



MEHOOPANY, PA – The Taurus Service, Inc. stud recently type classified, they announce the classification of 76HO0312 Pamtom Sal-Vation-ET to EX-96. Holstein Classifier Dev Hurley classified the Holstein and Ayrshire bulls at the Taurus stud on September 19, 2001, placing Sal-Vation at EX-96. A score of that magnitude needs to be verified by a committee of three Holstein classifiers; which was completed by Steve Neeley and Mike Nolan on October 17, 2001.

Taurus Service, Inc. is proud to have the two highest classified brothers ever in A.I. 76HO0107 Sunbuck and his brother 76HO0312 Sa-Vation. The two brothers were bred by the Herb Kerr family, Pamtom Farms, Hudson Falls, New York. Their dam Hanover-Hill TT Sallie H was classified EX-96. She proved to be a great transmitting brood cow.

The Taurus line-up has three new bulls at Excellent. 76HO0322 Spring-Hill-OH Outbreak-ET a Dombinator son out of Maspringhill Jewels-ET (2E-91) classified EX-90. Outbreak has 5 EX dams going back to the Langacres cow family.

76HO0354 Tri-Day Admiral-ET rose in classification from VG-86 to EX-90. Admiral is a full brother to World Dairy Expo Grand Champion and Supreme Champion Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET (EX-94) and Nominated 4 time All-American Tri-Day Adeen (EX-93).

76HO0345 Androscoggin Halcyon-ET, a Rudolph son from the Horace family, increased in classification to EX-90. He is listed as a Taurus Sire for Your Future, one that any dairymen should truly consider.

76HO0149 Sir Vanetas Vince-ET was raised in classification to EX-91. Vince is a Elusive son out of a VG-89 DOM Blackstar daughter out of the full sister to the dam of Horace. Vince is proven to be one of the best type sires available, he has ten type traits over +2.00 and a PTAT of +2.35.

Other Excellent Taurus sires classified on September 19 include: 76HO0107 Sunbuck at EX-97, the breed’s highest score for any animal. 76HO0158 Norz-Hill P Winner-ET is EX-93. Winner is noted as a leading foot and leg improver and with the addition of 2nd crop daughters he ranks high for TPI.

76HO0331 Browndale Classic-ET is classified EX-92; Classic is a Browndale Manhattan (Aerostar x Tab Maude) brother to "Stardust," who is also marketed by Taurus Service along with other Browndale Specialty Sires in the U.S.

76HO0314 Autumn-Ridge Elton Moses-ET is EX-91. Moses is a calving ease, component improver Elton son from the 4E-93 GMD DOM Sexy Munchkin, bred by Autumn Ridge Farm in New York.

76HO0156 SFL Shandy-ET *RC is classified EX-90. Shandy is the leading Red Carrier sire in the breed with +1427 TPI.

Two promising young sires classified VG-87. 76HO0358 Burket-Falls Fortify-Red-ET, a polled red bull bred by Burket Falls Farm in Pennsylvania. Fortify-Red has several VG young ET sisters and is siring daughters that are encouraging their breeders to continue his use. 76HO0373 MS Ridgedale Rocky-ET *RC is a HH Mirage son from 6 generations of EX dams in the famed Roxy family.

Another young bull from the Roxy family, 76HO0399 Milk&Honey Enc Rox classified VG-85 at only 1 year 9 months of age. Rox is an Encore son out of the EX-92 Raider daughter from the EX-95 (Japan) Triple Threat out of Sheik M. Roxe (2E-91 GMD DOM) and then the "Queen of the Breed" Citation Roxy 4E-97 GMD.

The Ayrshire sire 76AY0710 Ardrossan EV Kates Trident was checked at EX-95 at nearly 14 years of age. His son 76AY0721 Plum-Bottom Trident’s Lot bred by Plum Bottom Farm raised in score to GP-81. The 3 year old Ayrshire sire 76AY0734 Des Prairies Tof classified VG-88 on his first score.

All Holstein bulls over 2 years of age housed at Taurus Service were classified. 50% were scored Excellent. 77% are Very Good or higher and all bulls scored are 100% GP or better.

Taurus Service is the only A.I. Company headquartered in Pennsylvania that houses its own sires. Taurus sires are selected from true transmitting proven cow families with emphasis on type, longevity and lifetime profits with low somatic cell scores and fertility.



MEHOOPANY, PA – Taurus Service, Inc. announces that their sire 76HO0354 Tri-Day Admiral-ET recently classified EX at the young age of 3 years 9 months. Dick Witter, Taurus President, states that Admiral is an impressive young sire that came to Taurus at six months of age from Norz Hill Farm in New Jersey. Norz Hill purchased him as a calf from Dr. William Pettit, Huff ‘N Puff Embryo, who had received the embryo, resulting in Admiral from Tri-Day Holsteins, the breeder of the four time Tri-Day Adeen (EX), a full sister to 76HO0354 Admiral (EX) at Taurus.

Another full sister to Admiral, at Taurus, is this year’s Grand Champion at the Eastern National Show held at the All-American in Harrisburg, the Grand Champion at the International Holstein Show and Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the one and only Tri-Day Ashlyn bred by the Curtis Day Family and owned by Ernest Kueffner and Oseeana Holsteins. Ashlyn is classified EX-94 and produced at 3-08 in 348 days, 38567 Milk 4.3% 1675 Fat 3.3% 1256 Protein.

Dick Witter says, "76HO0354 Admiral is the kind of bull selected for the Taurus Sire Program, because of the real transmitting cow family and complementary sire mating." He and his show winning, high producing sisters are sired by Marcrest Encore. Encore himself is known as a great "breeding sire" that is also Excellent and the sire of many show winning daughters including All-Americans and the All-American produce of Dam. The Dam of Admiral is a Dreamstreet Odyssey daughter, a bull marketed in yesteryear by Taurus, from a great breeding cow family, also.

76HO0354 Tri-Day Admiral (EX) semen is available from Taurus Service, Inc. as a Taurus Sire for Your Future. He is joined by many other outstanding pedigreed Taurus sires and additional Browndale Specialty Sires and Foundation Sires marketed by Taurus.

Admiral semen is available in the U.S. for only $12.00 per straw. To order semen or for more information contact Taurus Service, Inc., PO Box 164, Mehoopany, PA 18629, phone 570-833-5123, fax 570-833-2690, Toll Free U.S. orders 1-800-836-5123 or contact your local Taurus Representative, dealer or technician. Dairymen interested in knowing more about "Profitable Genetics" can request a new Taurus Dairy Sire Directory or visit the website at

Taurus Service, Inc. is celebrating their 30th Year in the A.I. business. Taurus markets semen around the World and is the only stud headquartered in the Northeastern U.S.