~Phil Fanelli's Breeding Guide~ 04/98

122J4098 DEAN
Duncan x Chief x Ch Soldier
Breed to larger stronger cows. Use to improve production and udder quality
Breed to Pal, Imperial, Lester, Malcolm, Henery P, Earl, Storm.
122J4226 HENERY P
Pal x Duncan x Brass
Will poll 50% of his offspring.
Average in size and strength but works better on sharper cows. Great teat placement and super udders in
Crosses well with Sooner, Berretta, Berretta sons, Dexter, Kyle, Storm, Juno.
122J4227 KYLE
Sooner x Top Bras x Magic
Taller very open cows with good rear udders and close teat placement. Breed to wide square cows.
Crosses well with Imperial, Lester, Malcolm & Malcolm sons, Duncan sons in general , Pal.

122J5005 STORM
Sooner x Duncan x Ch.Soldier
Still #1 Stature Jersey bull ,sires scale as well as sharpness. Tremendous rear udders and good teat
placement .
Breed to smaller , narrow, frail ,cows with short teats.
Breed to Juno & Juno sons, Imperial, Dean, Lester & Lester sons, Top Brass, Brass Top.
122J5039 POPPEYE
Dean x Top Brass x Magic
Real sharp open dairy cows.
Use on Storm, Royalson, Lester and Lester sons, Malcolm
122J5063 AVERY
Lester x Pal x Royal
Will sire size and scale as well as sharpness. He is a dairyer Lester son. Rear end somewhat like Lesters.
Above average rear udders with close teat placement.
Breed to smaller cows that are somewhat wider in the rear end.
Crosses well with Sooner, Berretta, Berretta sons, Dean.
122J5064 TIDY
Malcolm x Pal x Royal
Sires tremendous high and wide rear udders. One of the best for teat lacement. Better rear ends than
Lesters. Use on sharp cows.
Breed to Berretta and Berretta sons , Sooner, Kyle, Dexter, Kahn, Juno.
122J5067 JASON
Storm x Royal x Fascinator
Maternal brother to McAdam. Breeds on the sharper side. High, wide rear udders and teat placement
specialist. Rear end improver with square rumps.
Breed to intermediate, to tall cows, medium in frame.
Breed to Lester, Malcolm, Brook, Brass Top, Skyline, Bold Venture and Chief.
122J5048 McADAM
McHale x Royal x Pal
Real sharp and dairy. Wide rear udders. Use on larger framed cows.
Breed to Lester, Malcolm, Brook.
122J5055 FRANCIS
Lester x Sooner x Fascinator
He is the dairy Lester son available today. Wide rear udders and square rumps.
Use on short teat cows.
Breed to Brook, Top Brass, Kyle , Dexter
122J4241 NINA EARL
Sooner x Duncan x Chocolate Soldier
Sires smooth cows with high wide rear udders and good teat placement.
Crosses with Dean , Skyline.
122J5027 MEDAL
Lester x Chief x Babes Lad
Daughters are extremely powerful. Breed to cows on the sharper, narrower end.
Crosses with Berretta, Khan, Kyle.
122J5150 BOOKER
Duncan x Chief x Babes Lad
Maternal brother to Medal of Honor and full brother to Barber. Breed to low uddered that need overall
udder improvement. Good component bull.
Breed to Dexter, Lester and Lester sons, Storm, Khan, Kyle, Skyline.
122J5043 POTLACH
Berretta x Duncan x Bossman
Daughters are intermediate in size, sharp, with tremendous open rib. Have good teat placement.
Works very good on Storm, Lester, Lester sons.
122J5061 PRIDE
McHale x Sooner x Duncan (Blue)
Sires dairyness and improves rear udders and teat placement
Use on rounder thicker tailed cows.
Breed to Lester and Lester sons, Boldventure sons, Barbers.