Taurus Service, Inc.                  May 1998


76H0252 HANOVER HILL REGENCY yes, his proof increased again, as it has with every summary he has had. Now at 98% Rel for both type and production . Regency is the highest proven Hanover Hill sire ever, he is from the heart of the great Roxy Family. Now at +1724M and +1.73 type with a perfect profile for type tracts. Regency warrants continual use as a high reliability bull and a breed leader for productive life at +2.9 and a Taurus Total Value +2017 and +1220 TPI.

76H0147 WHISPER shot up to +2164M +70F +69P with 81%REL. Whisper is +1.19 type and +1.07 udder composite for a +1390 TPI. Whisper is a "Thor" son from the Blackstar daughter of "Amanda" 3E-94GMD DOM and the full brother to "Mandingo and Baltimore". A sister to the dam of Whipser is "Mandy" 3E-94 GMD DOM. What a cow family and what a bull!

76H0265 AERO PROMO proof looks better all the time. This is one of the breeds best sires for components and type. Now at +1150M +.13% +70F +.11% +61P and 82%REL with +1.95 type Aero Promo is a leading TPI bull at +1439. Note his aAa 162 and the fact that there are a lot of second crop calves that are really tall, upstanding and have excellent rump and legs.

76H0270 POLLED PLUS *RC his name says it. A Red Carrier Polled bull and one of the breeds best for calving ease at only 4% difficult births. Polled Plus has one of the best balanced proofs going. He is +1179M +.03% +50F +.03% +44P and +1.45 type with +1.49 feet and legs, consider this 516 aAa bull that is a real good calving ease bull.

76H0107 SUNBUCK the worlds highest classified bull at EX-97 proof increases again as it has every summary this great breeding bull has had. Sunbuck is only 2.99 for somatic cell score which is one of the breeds lowest. Sunbuck is also one of the best for productive life at +3.0 and quite probably the highest stud sampled bull with only first crop daughters for average classification at 82.6. Sunbuck and his "Astre" brother 76H0312 Sal-Vation are bulls that every breeder should use.

76H0077 HORACE the bull for "dairymen Satisfaction" now with over 2000 daughters and the proof goes up another 100 pounds, Horace sires the balanced kind with good udders and feet and legs. His daughters keep making money.

76H0158 WINNER is a proven "Prelude" son from Norz Hill Cleitus Winkin EX-DOM that completes 6 generations of 3.6% protein. Winner has an EX sister that makes 4 generations of EX DOM. Winner is +1607M +.07% +74F +.00% +51P. We expect a top type proof on this bull. We encourage his use now. From what we see he is a Winner!

76H0137 SELECT *RC now with 77 daughters and 51 herds maintains his top production proof at +2435M +76F +73P at 86% REL. Select is one of the leading red carrier sires available at +1277 TPI. Remember his 516 aAa code.

076H0156 SHANDY*RC has a high plus production proof across the board and is +.04%F and +.05%P. Note his extremely low somatic cell score at 2.82. Reports indicate Shandy could be one of the best red carriers sires to be proven. He is a "Momentum" son from "Mark Scarlet" out of "Continental Scarlet".

76H0159 ROMANCER-RED is a breed leading Red Holstein Sire at +1638M +64F +45P, this Cornelius son is worthy of consideration by every dairyman wanting the red gene.

76H0143 MILTON is the 654 aAa sire to use. His production increased and he is +.08% protein with terrific type +1.29 PTAT, +1.79 udder and +2.01 feet and legs. Milton semen is a real value.

76H0149 VINCE is a highly proven sire from the Horace family. He is now at +1634M and +1.89 type. Vince sires big open, raw boned dairy cows with fancy udders. Don't pass up using this bull that can sire so much improvement.

SIRE DIVERSITY the Taurus code 76 proven line up of 34 bulls has a representation of 20 different sires and 24 different maternal grandsires. The Taurus line up offers more choices than any other AI Program, all selected for real profits!

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76A0710 TRIDENT now has 171 daughters in 65 herds and sires more production then most Holstein bulls. Trident is +1481M +.11% +75F +.04% +55P at 99%REL and is +1.5 type making him the leading PTI bull at +395.

76A0715 NAMPA increased to +490M +.06% +29F +.03% +21P at 76%REL and +1.6 type. Remember his dam, NO-NO and use Nampa.

Check out the complete Taurus Ayrshire line up of proven sires and consider the new Taurus progeny test bulls.


76B0900 EVEN, Emory's overlooked brother is looking better each summary, now at +1127M and high protein (+.06% and 51 lbs). Even is the Simon son to use. Note his type proof went up to +.4.

76B0916 EMORY remains the respected sire of the breed. Emory has passed on but his semen is still available.


76G0800 DIVIDEND production increased another 100 lbs and his type increased to +1.9, one of the highest available. We hear Dividend daughters are in demand. Breeders recognize he is the Senior son to use. Already Dividend and All-American daughters.


76MS0429 PEERLESS is up to +1509M now and +.7 type. Peerless is recongnized as the best Shorthorn bull in the world. He is back at the Taurus Stud as a 9 year old producing semen.



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