Taurus Service, Inc.                  August 1998


76H158 WINNER hits the Top 100 TPI list at #20! A Prelude from a Cleitus, WINNER is a real breed leader for fat, being +84 PTAF. Add to that his high all around information of +2171 milk +.02% F +84 PTAF, -.01% P +67 PATP, +1.76 PTAT, +1.07 UDC, +2.43 FLC and Winner sorts himself to the top of the list at +1511 TPI.
WINNER and his sister complete 4 generations of Excellent and his dam is the 6th generation 3.6% protein cow. WINNER will sire great frames ,with low pins and shallow, well attatched udders with correct teat placement . He will also sire a tremendous foot and will straighten the leg.

Will-Tri Winner Vicks
76H149 VINCE is siring an awesome type pattern. An Elusive from a Blackstar, Vince has a Linear profile that discriminting breeders dream about. +2.58 PTAT, +2.55 Udder Comp. They are big, strong, deep bodied dairy cows with great udders and correct feet and legs. Expect Vince to sire the show kind. But Vince certainly isn't only type bull. He is the ONLY SIRE IN THE BREED at over 1800 pounds of milk and +2.50 for type and udders. VINCE will sire the long-lived, profitable cows dairymen are loking for.
Wright-Ledge Vince Jasmine
76H0252 HANOVER HILL REGENCY want reliability? Now at 98% Rel for production Regency is the highest Hanover Hill sire at +1653 milk. For type Regency has an almost perfect linear profile and is +2.36 STA for final score and +1.65 PTAT @ 96% Rel. Regency is +2.5 productive life and the AASC of 82.2 shows the daughters keep producing. This Starbuck son from the great Roxy family, is still the one!
Glenridge Citation Roxy


Yes highly proven bulls that should be considered on all Holstein cows for Red & White or Black & White.

76H156 SHANDY is the exciting new red factor bull of the breed. SHANDY is the #1 TPI red carrier bull. He is a Momentum from a Chief Mark, siring balanced cows that are made right and know how to work. He is +1848 milk +.03%P 65 PTAP +.00%F 67 PTAF +1.66 PTAT +1.39 UDC +1.93 FLC. SHANDY is very low on Somatic Cell Score +2.87 and high on Productive Life at +2.70.
Shandy looks to be the red factor sire the industry has been looking for to sire the next generation of red and red carrier bulls.
76H0137 SELECT *RC the highest production bull at +2343 Milk +74 Fat +72 Protein and plus one type. Select is now a bargain price so every one can use this high milk bull

76H0159 ROMANCER-RED is now +1467 Milk with high fat (+.02%) 58 pounds. His dam produced over 40,000 pounds of milk as a two year old. Romancer daughters are very well balanced medium sized cows with good udders that walk on very acceptable legs and feet.

76H0270 POLLED PLUS * RC Yes the Polled sire that also is a red carrier. Note the average classification score of 82.6 check his fantastic linear profile and use Polled Plus for production, high components and to help eliminate dehorning. All of this plus 5% Calving Ease.

Burket-Falls P P Starla-Red


76AY0710 TRIDENT "The Ayrhsire Sire of the Century" is also one of the highest proven with high Reliability now at 93%. Trident is over +1400 M and his type went up to +1.6. Trident remains the number one Ayrshire sire available.

76AY0715 NAMPA went up again to +577 M and +1.6 type making him a top sire within the Ayrshire breed.

76AY0716 SOLDIER is a high type and production bull that is an ideal mate for Trident daughters. Also consider other Taurus proven Ayrshire bulls 76AY 0717 Perception, 76AY0718 Tornado and 76AY0719 Bonanza.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes


76B0900 EVEN shot up to +.5 type as expected and recently has a daughter sell for $40,000. Yes his production proof even went up to +1233 M +.01% +52F +.06% +54 P (one of the best protein sires available).

76B0916 EMORY with over 2000 daughters remains one of the "best breeding bulls" the breed has seen in recent years. We recommend continued use of Emory while semen is available.

Donsdell Even Nebo