Taurus Service, Inc.                  May 1999



     The Taurus code 76 line-up is an offering of some of the very best true breeding bulls that sire very good confirmation and high production. You may want to check the Taurus total value figure, which puts the extra .
Emphasis on type along with milk, fat and protein production and productive life to identify the best bulls for “Total Value”. To Taurus, total value is the highest on dairy cows that produce well, stay in the herd and reproduce without extra stress on cows or management.


76H0158 WINNER Looks Even Better! Winner is a 4th generation Excellent (just raised to EX-93) and the
leading Prelude son available. His production increased to +1900 M +65 F +61 P at 80% Reliability. Winners type went up to +1.75 with +1.00 udder composite and +2.28 feet & legs at 80% Reliability. Note Winner is one of the highest Feet & Leg composite bull and the best for feet with +3.40 steep foot angle. Be a Winner, use Norz Hill Winner.

76H0149 VINCE Total Value at its Best! Vince increased to +1786 M and +2.77 Type with great udders (+2.73 udder composite) note that Vince is one of the best for productive life +1.9 and low somatic cell score 2.99. Yes, this means total value and Vince is a great buy. If you want great framed dairy cows with super udders that walk correctly and really milk, use Vince.

Winner Hurtgen-Vue #2869
76H0156 SHANDY *RC The Best for Red & Black. Shandy is the breed leading Net Merit Dollar (+183) and TPI (+1417). All because he sires lots of production, +1756 M +00% +65 F +.01% +58 P and high type +1.85 PTAT great udders +1.63 and real good Feet & Legs +1.95. Shandy is a Momentum-Red son from the Scarlet family. His semen is sought around the world and he is being used as a sire of sons. Yet, his price is still very reasonable.
76H0107 SUNBUCK Worlds Highest Classified Bull Ex-97 and his brother 76H0312 Sal-Vation by Astre just classified EX-94 at 4 years old. Sunbuck is one of the highest productive life bulls in the world at +3.1, this with low somatic cell score (3.04) and another increase in milk to +764 at 98% Reliability. (Sunbucks proof has gone up every summary). For type Sunbuck is hard to beat at +1.73 PTAT with nearly 400 classified daughters that average 82.3. If you want to use a real bull use Sunbuck!

J-Long-Vue Shandy Dandy Doll
76H0177 JUSTIN EX-93 Astre Son, Want lots of milk (+1819) and extra high type (+1.96) from quality dairy cows with ideal leg set? Then use Justin, yes, his milk increased 200 lbs. and was raised from EX-91 to EX-93. His owner reports they really like the daughters.
76H0179 LYON-RED is a newer breed leading bull at +1319 M and +1.38 type. He is also a calving ease sire.

76H0189 MAGIC-RED Leading Milk at +2637 Magic-Red is possibly the greatest production sire available (+2637). He is a Momentum-Red son from a high record, Very Good Cubby daughter. Semen is very limited at this time. The early type information looks encouraging.

76H0252 REGENCY The Best of Hanover Hill is now 98% Reliability. Regency is +1593 M and +1.55 Type with a high daughter average of 82.1 points. Regency sires high quality dairy cows with deep open rib. Milk out is excellent. Check the linear type profile, Regency is a Taurus Sire that proves the meaning of Total Value.
76H0265 AERO PROMO The Component Bull! At 83% Reliability +.13% F and +.10% P. Aero-Promo can help increase your milk income. He is also a leading type improver at +1.90 with a “no-hole” type profile. Consider this 162 aAa sire.
76H0270 POLLED PLUS RC* Polled & Red Carrier with a balance proof and the best for calving ease at (5). Check out all the information, +1189 M +.06% +57 F +.04% +47 P and +1.32 type with 516 aAa. Don’t pass up Polled Plus and consider our new Polled-Red sire 76H0358-W Fortify-Red who is a Polled-Plus son from Burket Falls.
76H0311 MEGA For Your Future Mega is +1763 M +00 % +65 F +.05 % +66 P and +2.03 Type. This 156 aAa Aerostar son is from a great cow family. The early daughters are causing excitement.


76AY0710 TRIDENT Now EX-93 at 11 years old! Trident truly is the Ayrshire sire of the Century; he now has 300 daughters. He is +1229 M +.07 % +60 F +.05% +49 P and +1.3 type for a PTI of +342. Surely the best Ayrshire sire available with a high reliability.
76AY0716 SOLDIER For Feet and Leg Improvement and production too. At +833 M and a type leader at +1.2. Soldier is the bull to use on Trident Bloodlines.

76AY0721 LOT Balanced Breeding at it’s Best. Look at this! +1297 M +.05 % +59 F +.04 % +49 P and +0.9 type for a +294 PTI. A Lot of bull for every Ayrshire breeder.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes
76BS9016 EMORY Premier Swiss Sire! Emory has one of the best proofs for any Swiss sire ever with over 2000 daughters. Get more Emory semen while it’s available at a special price.
76BS0990 EVEN Protein Leader now at 87% Reliability, Even increased to +1255 M +49 F +.07 % +56 P and up +0.8 type. This Simon brother to Emory sires the right kind.
76GU0800 DIVIDEND The Best for Guernsey! Now at +2.2 type and +648 M. He has several All-American nominations. Dividend is recognized as the Guernsey bull to use.

76MS0429 PEERLESS The Shorthorn King! +1340 M and 82 % Reliability with +0.9 type make Peerless the milking shorthorn to use.

Donsdell Even Nebo
LINEBACK SIRES Carlos *RC and Pep-E-La-Pew are Taurus’ sires. Check out the pedigrees.