Taurus Service, Inc.                  Aug 1999



     Taurus Service code 76 sires  are some of the very best true breeding bulls from the best proven transmitting cow families in the world. Taurus has always considered type in our selection (you will find some of the highest PTA type bulls at Taurus). We feel you need cows that not only produce well but stay in the herd and reproduce as trouble free cows. Consider looking at the "Taurus Total Value" figures that keeps a balance between high production, good feet and legs, better udders, long productive life and low somatic cell score. Of course, high milk production with plus components earns you a better milk check and Taurus has some of the highest production bulls, too. Plus, milk, fat and protein weigh heavy in the "Taurus Total Value Formula". Never before have you been able to purchase so much at budget prices as you can today from Taurus.


76H0158 WINNER Increases again!  This 4th generation Excellent Prelude son is now 81% Rel. He is up to +2081 milk with plus components (+.02% fat) and (+.00% protein). Winner is also +2.3 Productive Life and +1.90 Type with one of the highest ratings for feet and leg composite (+2.54) and the best for steep foot angle (+3.56). Winner is one of the very best Holstein Sires Available and ranks near the top of the TPI list. Be a Winner by using 76HO0158 Winner.
76H0149 VINCE The great type bull! Vince is up to +2.84 PTAT, one of the highest ever in the breed. Vince sires big open framed dairy cows with super udders (+2.59 UDC). He is believed to have more type traits above +2.00 than any other active sire. Check out his profile, you will note he is over +2.00 for 14 type traits. All this and great type with extra production too! Vince is +1806 milk. No other sire equals "Taurus Total Value" better than Vince.

Winner Hurtgen-Vue #2869
76H0156 SHANDY *RC Leading genetics for both Red & White and Holstein! Shandy *RC is one of the best ever type bulls at +1.90 with +2.07 feet and leg composite with a very good mammary (+1.54 UDC). Shandy makes profitable cows because of his great type and super production (+1692 M) and plus components (+.00% F) and (+.01% Pro) for a Net Merit dollar value of +178. Also note he is one of the best for low somatic cell score @ 2.88. Shandy *RC daughters have been inspected by the leading R&W experts from around the world. He is getting excellent reviews and being used in the major red population and as a sire of sons. Order you Shandy *RC today.
76H0311 MEGA The very best Aerostar Son now with 41 daughters in 22 herds, his first multi herd proof. Mega is +1914 Milk +.00% +70 Fat +.03% +67 Protein +200 NM$ Value and extreme type at +2.41 with the best for legs & feet (+2.12 F & L Composite). Check out the profile on this newly proven 156 aAa calving ease bull that does it all at a reasonable semen price.
76H0199 HARPO (Top Gun X Leadman sister to Horace from Taurus) Horace has been known as the dairymen satisfaction sire and Harpo is following. Check out this Total Value sire that is +1551 Milk with high protein (+.06%) and good type @ +1.12 PTAT with a nice type. Here is a 612 aAa bull to consider.

J-Long-Vue Shandy Dandy Doll
76H0252 REGENCY The highest proven Hanover Hill ever and his proof keeps going up, now at 98% Rel, he is +1617 Milk and +1.52 Type. Regency has a perfect type profile and sires real dairy cows with high quality udders. Taurus highly recommends Regency plus the other Roxy Sires at Taurus, including 76HO0090 Precisonst (Inspiration son out of Regency's full sister) high test +.34% Fat and +.11% Protein and 76HO0182 Flashmaster +.42% Fat and +.07% Protein, being a 426 aAa Prelude son of Roxette, therefore a brother to Regency. Three new P.T. sires will be released soon from the "Great Roxy Family".
76H0270 POLLED PLUS RC* The worlds highest proven polled red carrier sire has a good production proof. He is an excellent calving ease sire at only 5% CE and a solid type bull at +1.30 PTAT with exceptional udders. Polled Plus and his Red & White Son 76H0358 Fortify Red, also a polled bull, not only sire hornless cattle, but good ones too!
Taurus Service has an extensive progeny test program that includes Red Holstein and Red Carrier bulls.
The Taurus proven sire line up includes some of the best for the red gene in the world. Note the information above on 76HO0156 Shandy *RC and 76HO0270 Polled Plus *RC and read on for news about R&W bulls that lead the pack.
76H0137 SELECT *RC now @ 88% Rel with +2204 Milk. He is a 156 aAa bull along with average calving ease.
76H0179 LYON-RED
is a "Total Value" Momentum son from the heart of the Scarlette family. This calving ease red sire has one of the best type profiles in the breed.
he leading production red bull is +2710 Milk and plus type. For extra milk don't miss Magic-Red.
FOR MORE RED & WHITE HOLSTEINS be sure to check the additional sire proof/price list. Others to consider are 76HO0159 Romancer-Red, 76HO0101 J-JA-Red, 76HO0136 Escort-Red (Harry X Heavenly Joy), 76HO0148 Rave-N-Red and 76HO0172 Mateus-Red.


TAURUS OFFERS LEADING BULLS in all dairy breeds with an excellent Ayrshire battery. The best of the Jersey Breed through Network Genetics, along with Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Dutch Belted and Lineback sires.
he "Ayrshire Sire of the Century" still leads the breed. His son 76AY0721 Lot is +1414 Milk +.01% +57 Fat +.02% +51 Protein and +1.0 Type for +305 PTI.
76BS0990 EVEN Leads the Swiss breed for protein at +.06% and +58 lbs. He is now +1.0 type and 291 PTI. Remember Even's older brother 76BS9016 Emory the Brown Swiss bull that won the #1 PTI sire, Premier sire at World Dairy Expo and a great sire of sons. Emory semen is still available at a reasonable price.

Ardrossan Trident's Eyes
76GU0800 DIVIDEND Is the Guernsey bull to use, +2.1 type, now +800 Milk and a sire of All-Americans and many early Excellent daughters.
76MS0429 PEERLESS The Shorthorn King! is still the leading bull in the breed.

Donsdell Even Nebo