A Revolutionary Animal Management System

Track Animal History and
Performance Easily and Accurately!

This new electronic ear tag is revolutionizing herd management!

Herd management and a whole lot more. Not only will the system allow for the identification and tracking of livestock, it automatically updates files chute-side. Vaccinations, weights, genetics, birth dates, other production history, plus much more, can be associated with each animal depending on the software program chosen. It can be used with Microsoft Windows™ or most livestock management software.

When the TechStar™ RFID tag is in close proximity to the reader, energy from the reader activates the integrated circuit inside the tag. No onboard tag power is required. Using radio waves, the tag is energized by the reader and instantaneously sends a unique pre-coded identifier back to the reader, which then sends the data to a computer or handheld terminal. Neither direct contact nor line of sight is required for accurate RFID reading. Tags can be read quickly and accurately in milliseconds through a variety of nonmetallic materials such as dirt, paint and cement.
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The Y-Tex TechStar™ Animal Management System includes these components:

• IR-100E portable handheld reader
• IR-24E long range reader
• UDI handheld portable computer
• Power/Remote electronic controller

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